Mysterious UFOs Continue To Confuse South Carolina Residents

Witness Joe Kiernan explained to NewsChannel 15 that these UFOs “did climbs, they went to altitudes, they changed directions that are beyond physics.

WPDE NewsChannel 15 aired multiple stories about strange lights in the sky witnessed by many people along South Carolina’s Grand Strand. Witness Joe Kiernan explained to NewsChannel 15 that these UFOs “did climbs, they went to altitudes, they changed directions that are beyond physics. It’s just not possible.” And according to Kiernan, these lights are repeatedly seen in the area.

Although he lacks high-quality camera equipment, Kiernan continues to capture footage of these strange lights that appear on an almost nightly basis. Hundreds of people apparently gather on the beach with Kiernan when these lights are visible, including tourists and police officers. Kiernan has noticed an increase in military activity in the area since the lights appeared. He is open to the possibility that the lights could be extraterrestrial in origin, he isn’t jumping to any conclusions at this point. He is just trying to figure out the identity of these mysterious lights.

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