The MKULTRA / Reptoid Connection

Could some reports of Reptilians during military 'alien' abductions be drug induced hallucinations, or soldiers dressed as reptoids?

by Dr. Helmut Lammer

In the conspiracy literature like David Icke’s new book the Biggest Secret, there is currently a great debate about the claims of various mind control victims, that they experienced or witnessed humans who transformed into reptoid creatures. In our book MILABS: Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction co-authored by my wife Marion, we investigated alleged alien abduction cases where abductees also reported or experienced unwitting human military involvement, so called MILAB-abductions. We also came across cases where the abductees believed that they witnessed reptoid beings during military kidnappings. We found that such cases may represent in reality drug induced screen memories where the mind controllers hide covert experiments, etc.

Michelle (pseudonym) had her first conscious memory of a typical alien abduction experience with non-human beings at the age of eight. She remembers classic alien abduction experiences with three to four-foot-tall ‘Grey’ beings with large heads and almond-shaped eyes. Her following experiences, however, have nothing to do with alien abductions. Since 1995, Michelle has had traumatic flashbacks, reality-like dreams and some consciously remembered MILAB events. She began to remember a face of a reptilian creature, images of travelling in a military Jeep and soldiers with black berets. Interestingly she also recalls being submerged in some type of fluid, heavier than water. This flashback continued to hound her but she couldn't remember more details.

After these flashbacks Michelle found out that she had a missing time experience in 1970 near Montauk, New York. During this time she visited her aunt and her uncle's campsite at Ditch Plains in Montauk. Her uncle remembered that she was missing for about three hours. Her recollection of the early part of that day was quite clear but the later part had been vague and blurry.

Michelle decided to do hypnosis regression concerning the missing time experience. Her memory gaps were investigated by Dr. Kouguell a professional Ph.D. hypnotherapist and MUFON consultant, with the use of regressive hypnosis.

A hypnosis session done during September, 1995 revealed that Michelle and a boyfriend had a military kidnapping experience near the campsite at Ditch Plains. She walked with her friend toward the east into the dunes, where they lay down. Suddenly they heard a loud buzzing sound like a car coming near them. She recalled under hypnosis the following story:
‘…We should run away! I try to yell to my friend that we should get out of there. But I can't talk...I can't move! I'm scared...I want my mother...A man wearing a soldier's uniform is looking down at me, standing on my left. On the right is another soldier… Their leader is called Terry and is very tanned, with dark hair and dark glasses…’

The soldiers carried both of them to the military Jeep and travelled north through the dunes.
‘…We are in the back seat of a Jeep…There's a big hill up ahead. This is so weird! The hill is moving…just part of it. It looks like a door in the hill. It moves forward and then to my right. We drive in. There is another Jeep parked on my left. Two other men with the same uniform and black beret are inside...’

The soldiers drove both to a now closed underground complex near Montauk. After they were separated, Michelle was escorted inside the underground research facility where she had several frightening experiences.
‘…This looks like a garage or something. We go through a door. It's bright in this hallway. We turn right. My friend is just ahead of me. At the next hallway, he keeps going straight with two guys, but we turn to the right and walk a few feet to an elevator door. He put a credit card-like thing in a slot next to the door. The slot is vertical and there are red and green lights above. The door opens…we go inside…but there are no buttons to push. We are going down…the door opens and it smells funny…like a basement with a cesspool overflow problem…’

After this detailed description of going underground, an unbelievable experience occurs. As we noted in the introduction, the presence of human military personnel inhabiting the same physical reality as non-human beings is unbelievable for skeptics and could easily be used to ridicule the whole MILAB scenario. Michelle described being escorted by military personnel into a dark office-like room where she had a traumatic encounter with a non-human being:
‘…There is almost no furniture in it. There's something that looks like a padded table. They help me on it and lay me down. Now I am really cold…They leave the room. I can't seem to move anything but my eyes. Why am I here? I don't like this. Over to my left something moves. It's coming closer…I can see it better…Oh God! It's a monster!…’

At this point Michelle got so agitated that she almost jumped from the recliner in Dr. Kouguell's office. She got very emotional and couldn't stop shaking and crying. After Dr. Kouguell calmed her down she remembered the following:
‘…What I see is a creature about 6-7 foot tall. His ears are large and pointed at the top. His eyes are bright yellow-gold and seem to glow. He has pointy teeth and a large wrinkle on his forehead and he has a tail!…’

After the description of the reptoid-like being she remembered how she was raped by this creature. We don't know what this traumatic experience means. We don't think, however, that the military worked with this reptoid creature. It could be possible that Michelle was drugged with an hallucinogen, raped by a human and projected the reptoid as a kind of screen memory, although she described the skin and other features of the creature quite realistically.

Long-time LSD researcher Dr. Stanislav Grof reported transpersonal experiences in LSD sessions in his book Realms of the Human Unconscious: Drug Induced Experiences of LSD Subjects. One should note that Dr. Grof worked with large amounts of LSD during the sixties. Therefore, he probably got the drugs from the CIA or from a front organization that was interested in LSD research during this time.

He wrote that the strange alien worlds that LSD subjects discover and explore seem to have a reality of their own, although not in the range of our cosmos; they appear to exist in other dimensions or in universes coexistent with ours. The drugged individual can encounter ‘entities’ who have bizarre physical forms.

Some LSD subjects had so-called ‘poly genetic experiences.’ In this type of experience the drug user has a quite realistic identification with animals on various levels of polygenetic development. At one point a female of Dr. Grof's LSD subjects had a sense of complete identification with a female of a species of large reptiles.

While experiencing this in the session, she opened her eyes and looked at the therapist, who seemed transformed into a reptile, too. She was absolutely fascinated by scale-like facets that she visualized on the side of the head of the therapist.

Since many people have phobias about reptiles or snakes it would be logical that they would experience such beings if they were on a gruelling drug trip. From Dr. Grof's LSD experiments it should be clear that Michelle's reptoid/rape experience could have been drug induced, where she possibly saw a human transformed into a reptoid, like some of Dr. Grof's LSD test subjects.

After the rape, Michelle recalled that the creature went back to the dark side of the room. After a short time two soldiers came in the room, dressed her and escorted her to an examination room with machines, stainless steel equipment and a table covered in white. Michelle was placed on the table and strapped down. After a few minutes, which for her seemed like hours (also a symptom reported by users of hallucinogenic drugs), a group of five to six people, including one female, came into the room. All of them wore medical clothes consisting of white gowns, and surgical masks covered their faces. We describe her encounter in more detail in our book. After this examination Michelle was forced into an isolation tank where she began to hallucinate.

Declassified CIA documents show that the intelligence agencies had great interest in isolation research and used hallucinogenic drugs for cover stories to ridicule or discredit individuals during covert operations. In one declassified MKULTRA document there is mention of documents in the ARTICHOKE files that show their interest in financing experiments and research in chemicals having psychogenic effects. Other documents note that they continue study in the field, and make the findings available on a strictly controlled need-to-know basis.

We believe that Michelle's experiences show that this was true and that there is evidence that she is a victim of such secret deprivation tank experiments. If the abductee or a mind control victim underwent some kind of hypnoprogramming by military psychiatrists during the experience it should have been possible to create imaginary alien encounters.

Over the past decade, a research project was conducted at an Anaheim, California hospital by Dr. Alvin Lawson and physician W. C. McCall. Their research has led to a scientifically testable hypothesis in regard at least to some alien abduction experiences – the so called ‘Birth Memories Hypothesis.’ The birth memory hypothesis asserts that some alien abduction experiences are a spontaneous involuntary fantasized sequence of images and events unconsciously based on the witness’ own prenatal or birth memories. Interestingly, this was given little credence in the alien abduction research community and was mostly ridiculed by prominent ET-proponents.

In an attempt to objectively evaluate alien abductee claims, they induced imaginary abduction experiences in sixteen volunteers who had demonstrated no significant knowledge of UFOs. Although Dr. Lawson and Dr. McCall expected major dissimilarities between the imaginary recovered stories of the sixteen test subjects, an averaged comparison of data from four imaginary and four real abduction cases showed no substantive differences. Also, numerous patterns of images and events echoing well-established details from real alien abduction encounters emerged from the imaginary sessions.

All of the imaginary subjects described some images and incidents identical with or similar to those in published and unpublished alien abductions. These details ranged from ‘placental disc-like crafts’ hovering overhead, small ‘fetal humanoids,’ ‘womb-like chambers’ to uncommon ‘tunnel of light,’ ‘floating,’ and ‘bonding with an alien’ images, to rare details of high strangeness such as projecting or retracting light beams’ with ‘cut-off’ ends and ‘passing through solid walls’.

Dr. Lawson published the complete study including statistics, graphs, tables and hypnosis transcripts of four imaginary abductees on his internet site. All four imaginary abductees entered a UFO by passing through its solid bottom, and none recalled a doorway. They found that although the imagery and events in alien abduction reports resemble those in several psychological processes, they are especially similar to revivified birth memory narratives such as those conducted with hallucinogenic drugs by before mentioned LSD researcher Dr. Stanislav Grof.

Dr. Lawson believes that the content of some abduction experiences is largely inherent in the mind's store of fantasies and ‘prenatal memories’, and it does not originate in movies, TV, or reading alien abduction books. Such spontaneously remembered birth memories could indeed be responsible for many alien abduction experiences, although I believe his hypothesis can't explain ‘all’ alien abduction experiences such as multiple abductions or abductions which were allegedly witnessed by other people.

Dr. Lawson's imaginary abductees reported also ‘tube’ and ‘tunnel’ scenarios. He claims that such scenarios have analogies to the vaginal tunnel. Dr. Lawson believes that the boarding of a UFO is often similar to birth memories. The abductee seems to be ‘reborn’ inside the craft, in one part of a complex series of prenatal events. One of his imaginary abductees described such an event:
‘A long tube came out of the UFO, and it was about two feet above me…And this long cylinder-like tube came down. It was grey and...was like all colored lights inside of it…I seem to be floating for a second, and then I was inside…’

Real alien abductees have experiences that are often nearly identical. Therefore, a traumatic birth memory could contain similar events to real alien abductions. Such events include loss of control, bright lights, lifted by a tunnel of light (taken aboard through a tube or tunnel), image constants (geometric, battlements, starbursts...), birth imagery/events, a big room (relief after the pressure of vaginal birth), humming womb sounds, extreme tastes and odors (common in Dr. Grof's drug induced revivified birth memories), physical and/or moral examination, umbilical pain, breathing problems, head and body pressure, paralysis (body, legs or sleep paralysis), cervical doorways, womblike rooms, body size change, life review, messages or bonding with an alien being, birth lab/room events, apocalyptic events (as occurred in Dr. Grof's drug induced revivified vaginal birth memories), amnesia/time loss…

Dr. Grof's subjects often described big rooms and huge high-domed circular halls after being injected with a psychoactive stimulant. The source of imaginary abduction experiences, Dr. Lawson maintains, is the collective emotional and sometimes traumatic memories of prenatal experiences. The experience begins in the womb, then proceeds to the birth-struggle, which ends with a bright new realm where there are other beings. In the new realm (the physical world outside the womb-the birth lab) are physical developmental and moral tests. Dr. Lawson beliefs that good-womb and bad-womb memories remain along with a variety of prenatal experiences that please or haunt the minds of some ordinary people.

Dr. Grof describes six types of non-human beings in his revivified birth memory study (human, fetal, animal, robot, exotic creature, apparitional). These types come close to reported alien beings. The alien beings reported in womb-like UFOs are like a ‘fetus’ in its maternal womb-resembling ‘Grey’-like beings. This is the reason why people without knowledge of reported alien entities report similar beings to ‘real’ abductees.

One test subject of Dr. Lawson's study saw two entity types on board the imaginary UFO. One being resembled a human with white clothes, while the second type of beings were reptiles, which are also common in ‘real’ alien abduction experiences. Concerning the question of how many beings are in the room the imaginary abductee answered:
‘…There are two behind me…It seems that he should look nice like the other one but he doesn't. He sort of has a scaly-like skin, and I don't like him very much…I am not very comfortable…when I start thinking that way, I look back at the bearded one, and I feel OK again…He must be the leader. The other…the other two…scaly ones…they don't…they just seem to be sort of non-existent or guard-type things or something…’

Interestingly, this imaginary abductee also reported reptoid non-human beings on board the imaginary UFO. He was frightened like most ‘real’ alien abductees or Michelle as she encountered the reptoid.

One of Dr. Grof's LSD test subjects was medicated after a session with Niamid, an antidepressant drug from the group of monoaminooxidase inhibitors. The researchers found that long premedication with Niamid enormously increased the resistance to LSD and made the person almost immune to its effects. Dr. Grof published a short paper about the effects of Niamid, which he considered theoretically interesting but marginal to his research efforts.

He was surprised that the publication aroused an unexpected response. Although the article was published in an obscure journal, within several weeks he received hundreds of requests for reprints from military research centers all over the world. This made Dr. Grof realize that the use of drugs like LSD was being seriously considered for other purposes than the intensification and acceleration of psychotherapy. Therefore, interested military/intelligence psychologists should be aware of the reported parallels between drug-inducted hallucinations and alien abduction experiences since the 1960s!

We think that one can see from Dr. Lawson's and Dr. McCall's imaginary alien abductee study that it would be easy for psychiatrists or psychologists who work for secret military/intelligence agencies to create alien abduction scenarios that appear similar to ‘real’ abduction encounters. Drug-induced hallucinations and related psychological processes have long been studied by researchers into hallucinogenic imagery. Most researchers in LSD and related drugs worked for military/intelligence mind-control projects like CHATTER, BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA and MKSEARCH. During those days government researchers also secretly reviewed drug research done by independent psychologists. Significantly, Dr. Stanislav Grof reported that on several occasions during the sessions, LSD subjects had reported contacts or encounters with UFOs and other types of extraterrestrial space ships.

Dr. Lawson's imaginary alien abductee study and the connection to Dr. Grof's drug inducted revivified birth memories and LSD-experiments should provide an understanding of how easy it is to create imaginary alien abduction experiences on people who have had no ‘real’ alien/UFO experience, even if the hypnotherapist doesn't ask leading questions. These results are very important for MILAB cases and cases where alleged alien abductees claim that they have seen human military personnel and non-human beings working side by side in secret military research facilities.


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