UFO Hard Evidence - The Bob White Experience

US ARMY CIC Documents from the 1940's
Object amazingly similar to White's in File 202085 "Flying Saucers in Denmark".

A Freedom of Information Act release of all US Army documents related to UFO's reveals startling information that may support Bob White's claims.

A UFO release packet supposedly containing all documents relating to UFO's that fall under the Freedom of Information Act guidelines was posted on December 1, 1998 at the Fort Belvoir website. These files were also obtained independently by a few UFO researchers who had filed previous requests. One such researcher is John Greenwald at the Black Vault.

Within this recently declassified group of documents is File # 202085 "Flying Saucers in Denmark". The similarities between the object shown and The object recovered following Bob White's UFO Encounter some 40 years later are striking.

1940's CIC Document

Who is the CIC?
(Counter Intelligence Corps) CIC personnel functioned as plain-clothes investigators on the home front, and overseas, working under the direction of the G-2's of the various Army service commands. CIC agents guarded the security of the Manhattan Project and parachuted into Normandy on D-Day with the first waves of airborne troops.

A CIC agent assisted Maj. Jesse Marcell during the recovery of the debris found at Roswell in 1947.

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