What is it?

When Bob White found an object ejected from a UFO he recovered hard evidence of the existence of non-conventional aerial craft.

The object is a metal glob with an appearance of metal that was previously liquid and solidified as it cooled and fell to the ground.

Laboratory analysis has shown the object to be mostly aluminum but with unusual characteristics. The object also was reported to emit energy that intereferred with electronics.

However, the object has not been shown to be extraterrestrial nor has it been proven to be a from an alien space ship. It could be from a US military ship.

Nazi scientists brought to the US under Operation Paperclip and other secret programs continued their research on advanced aircraft and propulsion systems. One of those propulsion systems used liquid metal. Former US military intelligence officer John Alexander has privately claimed that US flying saucers use liquid metal as part of their propulsion system.

It is possible that Bob was the unwitting victim of a disinformation campaign designed to encourage belief in alien visitors.

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