UFO Hard Evidence - The Bob White Experience

Bob White's Sworn Statement

On May 7, 1998, Bob White prepared a statement that detailed the events he witnessed that night in Colorado, and how the Unknown Object came into his possession. The facts sworn to be true by Mr. White in this document were verified by a Conclusive Polygraph Test given at a Professional Polygraph Facility.

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My name is Robert White
Today is May 7, 1998
I live in Reeds Spring, MO

Over ten years ago, a lady friend and I were driving to Las Vegas from Denver, Colorado. It was about 2 or 3:00 am.

We were just west of Grand Junction when something very unusual happened. Jan was driving and I was napping. She woke me, asking what is that bright orange light ahead of us? Since there was a railroad track on the North side of the highway, I told her it was just a railroad light, and resumed my nap.

A while later, Jan woke me again and said, "That is no railroad light." She was right. It was about the size of a full harvest moon. I decided to stay awake and watch this thing. As we got closer, it grew larger.

We were a few hundred yards from it, when I reached over and shut off the lights on the car. It was a very clear night and there were no other cars on the highway, so it was not dangerous to do so.

When we were a few hundred yards from it, I turned off the ignition and we coasted up close to it. It turned out to be on the left side of the highway instead of the right side. It was huge, the size of a very big barn.

I made Jan stop the car, which she did not want to do. She was terrified and shaking badly. "Let's keep going," she pleaded. I tried to assure her there was nothing to fear. After all this is just a bright light.

I got out of the car on the passenger side and stepped in front of the car for a better look at this thing. For some unknown reason, Jan turned on the headlights, and this light went up in the sky as fast as my eyes could follow it. When it reached a great height, it either changed shape or connected to another light, which looked like two long, blue, tubular, neon lights, one on top of the other with a space in between them. Then I saw another small light, bright orange with a tinge of yellow, white, and blue falling from it. For a minute I thought it was the same light coming back down. It came back down almost to where it started from.

I did not see it hit the ground, because where I was standing there was a small incline. I climbed the incline and went over to where I thought it might have hit. I found a groove in the ground about 18 inches deep and 9 inches wide. I followed the groove and there it lay. I watched it for a while and it was still glowing.

I walked back to the car, took the keys from the ignition, and opened the trunk to look for some gloves. There was one brown cotton glove.

I went back to the object and it was no longer glowing. I ran my hand over it and since I didn't feel any heat, I picked it up with the glove, carried it back to the car, and put it in the trunk.

I have been told by Dr. Reiswick from Los Alamos National Laboratory, Materials, Science and Technology Division, who did the analyzation on it, this object is definitely extra-terrestrial.

I swear under oath this is a true story

Robert White


This Statement was prepared by Bob White and sworn to be true before a Notary Public of Stone County, Missouri. The seal of Lillie M. Parton appears on the original document.

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